Cops Surround Rick Ross’ Mega-Mansion After Armed Man Crashes His Car Into A Tree

Rick Ross

Rick Ross’ lavish mansion is the site of a crime scene after a wild police chase earlier today!

When Rick Ross purchased his home in Georgia for $5.8 million, he planned to have some of the space set aside as a lavish Hip-Hop destination for photoshoots, music videos, and movies.

He never thought that it would be the site for a crime scene.

Well, according to local law enforcement, Clayton County Sheriff deputies surrounded the estate after a wild car chase ended in a crash near the Maybach Music mogul’s property.

The report alleges that the person driving the car had a weapon.

After the man was apprehended, the sheriffs noticed that he did not have a gun on him. So, the new mission for law enforcement is to find out where the firearm was hidden.

In addition to not knowing where the weapon landed, no one yet knows if the “Hustlin’” rapper was home when all of this happened.

This is the same property most recently featured in Eddie Murphy’s highly anticipated “Coming 2 America” movie.

Rick Ross took to social media earlier this year to share with the fans how this property has proven to be a good investment for him.

“What you see outside my door is a gathering of film producers and directors who possibly want to rent the estate for another film,” The “I’m On One” artist shared on his Instagram Live. “As you all know, we have the ‘Coming To America 2’ that will be hitting the world in I believe March, which was filmed in this same estate.”

He continued, “It’s not free to come check out the estate. Twenty people are wanting to see it today, every day. What we do is charge people to come look at it, and there’s still 18 people that want to come a day. So, welcome to the promised land.”