Cordae Co-Signs YBN Almighty Jay Calling Out Label Head James McMillan

Is McMillan the person YBN Nahmir blamed for creating friction among the Young Boss N#####?

Yesterday, YBN Almighty Jay blasted ART@WAR label founder James McMillan. While Cordae dropped the YBN designation from his stage name, the Grammy-nominated emcee still appeared to back specific views of his former YBN comrade.

Almighty Jay called out McMillan in an Instagram post which included the Texas native claiming the veteran entertainment lawyer signed artists to “janky deals.” On Twitter, Jay also added, “This n#### James McMillan is a fraud.”

That tweet from Almighty Jay was retweeted by Cordae without comment. Seven hours before the “Let Me Breathe” rapper posted his unfavorable message about McMillan, another Twitter user tweeted, “Free @ybnalmightyjay smh.”

Cordae retweeted that “Free YBN Almighty Jay” tweet as well. The creator of the critically-acclaimed The Lost Boy album later added, “This past year has turned me into an extreme recluse.”

McMillan’s ART@WAR company is signed to a joint venture deal with Atlantic Records, the major label home of YBN Almighty Jay, Cordae, and YBN Nahmir. In February, Nahmir publicly blamed unnamed “old people” for allegedly causing dissension in the YBN crew.