D.A. Attributes At Least 50 Shooting And Murders To YSL/YFN Feud Between Young Thug And YFN Lucci’s Gangs

YFN Lucci and Young Thug

Many of those indicted on this substantial case are going to face life in prison.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis says that the evidence they have regarding the criminal activity of the “Young Slime Life” (YSL) and their street war with YFN (Young Fly N####” and other gangs is “extremely significant.”

Willis said the war exploded seven years ago when several shootings took place. Most significant was the murder of Donavan “Big Nut” Thomas, who helped discover several Atlanta rappers, including YFN Lucci. 

While Willis’ office says neither Young Thug nor Gunna are accused of murders. 

But Young Thug allegedly rented a car used in the Donovan Thomas Jr. murder in the 56-count racketeering indictment against 28 members of the YSL gang. 

YFN Lucci, who has been locked up since April of 2021, is charged with murder, felony assault, racketeering, and other crimes in a 105-count indictment 

It is believed that Big Nut’s murder in January of 2015 is what sent the already simmering tensions between YFN and YSL over the edge.

“It occurred in 2015. And what myself and any law enforcement person can tell you [is that] as a result of that the back-and-forth gun violence and murders that have occurred, there have probably been in excess of 50 since 2015 — triggered by that in the back and forth between that [YSL] gang and other gangs.”

As reported by AllHipHop.com, on Monday, May 9, Willis revealed her 56-count indictment charging members of the YSL gang. She included Young Thug and Gunna as members of the street collective, linking them with charges of conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), and participation in criminal street gang activity. Others were charged with attempted murder, theft, and more in the indictment.

Prosecutors claim YSL and YFN are affiliated with larger sets of Blood gangs in Atlanta and Los Angeles. They plan on using Young Thug and Gunna’s lyrics in the case against them during their trials. 

Young Thug was busted, arrested, and has since been denied bail. In addition to the RICO charges, the Atlanta rapper has been charged with 7 new felonies after cops found a cache of guns (including a sawed-off shotgun) and a large number of drugs at his Buckhead mansion.