DDG Calls Out Women Saying His Girlfriend Halle Bailey Can “Do Better”

DDG Halle Bailey

The “Moonwalking in Calabasas” rapper posts and deletes a message to his haters.

Hip-Hop performer Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., aka DDG, reportedly began dating singer/actress Halle Bailey in 2022. Since that time, the couple has triggered countless headlines.

DDG, 25, is back in the news this week for some words he posted about Halle Bailey on the X platform. Yesterday (September 18), the internet personality/recording artist slammed women who have been critical of their relationship.

“And all them females [talking] bout my girl can ‘do better’ f### broke n##### wit no ambition,” posted DDG in a now-deleted tweet. “Ya ain’t never been to Chanel & can pick out whatever & how many bags ya want.”

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Throughout DDG’s time dating Halle Bailey, the former Central Michigan University student faced backlash for his connection to one-half of the Chloe x Halle duo. For example, last year, Insecure‘s Amanda Seales publicly advised Bailey to dump her boyfriend.

Despite calls for her to break away from Granberry, Halle Bailey recently reinforced her affection for the Maybe It’s Me… album creator. The 23-year-old star of Disney’s The Little Mermaid shared how the connection with DDG inspires her creative work.

“Love has been a really big one for me too, because that’s something I’m experiencing for the first time, and it’s, like, ‘Whoa’ in your brain. It’s just fireworks, a spark for creativity,” Bailey said. “You have puppy love experiences, you think that’s love. But this is my first deep, deep, real love.”