DDG Sparks Debate By Declaring YouTubers Make More Money Than Rappers


Fellow internet content creator #KSI co-signs #DDG.

Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. went from being a popular YouTube content creator to a Platinum-certified recording artist. The 25-year-old entertainer, better known as DDG, believes one profession is more lucrative than the other.

“[Not gonna lie]… YouTubers/streamers make more money than rappers and it’s not even close,” tweeted DDG on Tuesday evening. That post collected over 28,000 likes on Twitter.

It seems the Pontiac, Michigan native got some pushback on that take about YouTube money versus Hip Hop money. Around four hours later, he returned to Twitter to shame his less wealthy critics.

“I ain’t arguing [with] no n#### I’m richer than… lol you got it, lil bro, 😂,” wrote the former  Central Michigan University student. Around 4,000 users pushed the like button for that particular tweet.

KSI Backs Up DDG’s Rapping Vs Streaming Take

DDG did get a co-sign from fellow YouTuber/rapper Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji aka KSI. The London-born Atlantic Records signee offered his own comparison between rapping, streaming, and boxing.

“YouTube/Streaming = most money, Music = most respect mainstream wise, Boxing = most respect online wise,” offered KSI in the replies to DDG’s original tweet about YouTubers versus rappers.

KSI has competed in several professional boxing matches, including a famous 2019 victory over YouTuber Logan Paul. DDG also stepped into the ring in 2021 to defeat TikTok star Nate Wyatt in an amateur bout at the “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms” event.

Top Hip Hop Stars Reportedly Make More Money Than Top YouTube Stars

According to reports, MrBeast ranked as the highest-paid YouTuber of 2021 by earning an estimated $54 million that year. The Paul brothers also made the Top 10 list with Jake Paul racking up $45 million for a #2 ranking. Logan Paul landed at #9 with $18 million.

In comparison, Hip Hop legend Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter made an estimated $470 million in 2021. The Roc Nation boss topped a list that also featured Kanye West ($250 million), Diddy ($75 million), and Drake ($50 million).

DDG launched his main YouTube channel in 2014. As of press time, the PontiacMadeDDG page has collected over 3 million subscribers and 471 million views. His official music channel arrived on the platform in 2017.

Since crossing over to the music space, DDG managed to earn RIAA plaques for 2018’s “Arguments” as well as 2020’s “Moonwalking in Calabasas” featuring Blueface. His discography also contains the Epic Records-released Valedictorian and It’s Not Me It’s You albums.