Playboi Carti’s Artist Destroy Lonely Accused Of Brutal Domestic Abuse

Destroy Lonely

Destroy Lonely’s ex-girlfriend said he frequently abused her and once threatened to kill her with a knife in hand.

Destroy Lonely’s ex-girlfriend exposed his alleged history of domestic violence on Monday (June 24). His ex recalled multiple examples of abuse in their relationship and shared photos of her injuries on social media.

“Cracked my head open in Germany after pushing me into a bed frame and then threw all my s### in the hallway ….. all because i was tired and didn’t want to get up at that exact second to roll a blunt,” she wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Destroy Lonely, whose real name is Bobby Sandimanie, was charged with simple battery for attacking his ex in Georgia in 2023. The victim said witnesses called the police after seeing him abuse her.

“[I] never called cops on Bobby .arrested the day of,” she wrote. “We fought for hours in apt & downstairs and he started shouting that he ddnt know me and I’m a hoe (already dating for year+) then slammed me on the floor in front of security guard two grown men…. Who then called the cops on him.”

The woman mentioned one incident in which Destroy Lonely allegedly slapped her in the face four times on the same day he recorded “Turn Off Your Phone” with PinkPantheress. His ex detailed another time when he abused in her Japan.

“In Tokyo he wanted to me go to one our friends events,” she wrote. “we had just argued so I wanted to chill instead. verbally fight I leave hotel u follow me for the entire 20 min walk. I give up and walk back to hotel. You snap and choke and drag me 3 times by my neck at the edition.”

Destroy Lonely’s ex said the second to last time they were together, he threatened to kill her with a knife in his hand. She summed up his abusive behavior in one post.

“Every fight has come from me either saying No or wanting to leave his physical presence or me having my own mouth and thoughts,” she wrote. “Then playing manipulation games and trying to blame me. I’ve snapped back out of protection my self multiple times. I don’t wake up and beat on anyone.”

Destroy Lonely is signed to Playboi Carti’s Opium imprint. The 22-year-old artist is the son of longtime Ludacris collaborator I-20.