Detroit Rapper Crème Found And Arrested After Fleeing In $5 Million Fraud Case

Detroit - Deuces Wild - Crime

A female rapper who was on the run for scamming the IRS out of millions of dollars was finally napped in Memphis.

Rapper Sameerah “Crème” Marrell, from the Detroit Hip-Hop group Deuces Wild, has been arrested, according to FOX 2 News.

Previously, the underground artist fled authorities after being scheduled to appear at a court hearing to plead guilty to tax evasion. 

When Marrell did not make her October 25th court hearing, a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. She was recently found by authorities and taken into custody in Memphis, almost 800 miles from her hometown of Detroit. 

Back in July 2021, Marrell and another colleague Noelle Brown were both charged with aggravated identity theft, false claims, and conspiracy. 

The IRS claims the two women were involved in a tax scam where they each claimed withholdings and refunds of more than $13.6 million from 2013 to 2017. 

The IRS had paid out $5,539,049 to their accounts before realizing the two women were frauds.

“These returns were all identified as fraudulent because the returns claimed that the IRS had withheld large amounts of income tax from the trusts purportedly filing the returns and that those trusts were therefore entitled to large refunds of the excess income tax withheld,” IRS agent Tyler Goodnight. 

Marrell is currently looking for an attorney. According to reports, her current lawyer is requesting to be removed from the case after a communication breakdown.