Female Rap Group Deuces Wild Accused Of Scamming The IRS Out Of $5 Million

Deuces Wild

The IRS is accusing a female rap group from Detroit of scamming the government out of $5 million bucks!

Don’t talk about being a stepper if you ain’t about to do time for seven digits…like those Detroit girls in the group Deuces Wlld.

The Motor-town scammers allegedly stole more than $5 million from the IRS in tax fraud and almost got away with it. Sure this is nothing to celebrate, but peep game.

According to a 20-page IRS complaint, Sameerah Marrel (p.k.a. Crème) and Noelle Brown (Nikki Brown) may have to serve beaucoup time after being hit with aggravated identity theft, false claims, and conspiracy for trying to cheat the government out of $5.5 million.

IRS agent Tyler Goodnight details the alleged crime.

The filing alleges that in 2016 Goodnight was notified by the IRS Scheme Development Center about some income tax returns for estates and trusts filed with the federal accounting agency for years between 2013 and 2017.

He stated within the complaint, “These returns were all identified as fraudulent because the returns claimed that the IRS had withheld large amounts of income tax from the trusts purportedly filing the returns and that those trusts were therefore entitled to large refunds of the excess income tax withheld.”

In fact, the IRS Scheme Development Center actually referred 122 total forms to the agent.

The department determined that the documents were falsely reported withholdings and claimed refunds totaling more than $13.6 million for the tax years 2013-2017 — pointing back to the women. He started to investigate their shady business immediately.

The women have been identified but only Marrel was arrested and appeared in federal court. As of publishing, Brown has not yet been picked up.

She somewhere probably stashing the cash.