Diddy Blasted By Son’s Mother Misa Hylton Following Justin Combs’ DUI Arrest 

Diddy Misa Hylton

Misa Hylton insisted, “This is where the buck stops for me,” taking aim at Diddy in an online rant after their son Justin’s DUI arrest.

Misa Hylton insisted she will no longer be “protecting” anybody but her son as she tore into Diddy following their son’s arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence Sunday (Jun. 4). 

The stylist and fashion designer took to Instagram Sunday evening, hours after reports of 29-year-old Justin Combs’s detention by the Los Angeles Police Department. In a furious rant, taking aim at his parenting, Misa blasted Diddy in what she called a “come to Jesus Moment.” 

“Everyone has to sit around for years and act like there isn’t anything wrong with you. This is where the buck stops for me,” Misa began. “If anything ever happened to my son GOD FORBID. What is anyone going to say to me? When we all know who’s fault it would be.” 

She continued, “I do realize Clarity and Context are important. You want to do reality TV? Ok let’s be real then. Let’s lay it all out then starting from the top.” 

In another post, she called Didy’s career trajectory into question. “How you go from one of the greatest to ever do it,” Mia asked, “to making all your money off alcohol and suing the damn alcohol company. Sell something healthy that builds people up,” she continued before adding, “I’m sick of it!!!!! NOT MINES.” 

Misa Hylton also slammed Diddy’s rumored Hulu reality TV series tentatively titled Diddy + 7. “I’m not with none of that reality TV s###! When is enough ENOUGH? I’m not Protecting no one anymore Just my son. And ALL The children.” 

In a separate post, she added: “The statement “a fish rots from the head down” means that, in addition to being a major contributing factor in a family or organization’s success leadership is also the root cause of its failure and demise.” 

Justin Combs was reportedly arrested following a routine traffic stop in Beverly Hills. “Officers conducted a traffic stop, and they observed the driver possibly under the influence of unknown alcohol or drugs,” Officer Moore of the LAPD stated. “The investigation revealed that he was under the influence.”