DJ Akademiks Dubs Lil Baby As “Short Bus Baby”

Lil Baby

The outspoken podcaster says #LilBaby has “Tourette’s moments.”

Lil Baby earned his third #1 album when It’s Only Me debuted atop the Billboard 200 in October. The project contained a few bars apparently directed at controversial media personality DJ Akademiks.

“Really straight to war, n#### can’t beat me. Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me. Brodie’s ready to eat for a twenty-piece. I ain’t got nothing to say to you mini-mes,” rapped Lil Baby on the “From Now On” song featuring Future.

The “Top Priority” track also included Baby saying, “Academics n##### think they can’t get touched. I don’t be on computers much. CED turned me on to YouTube. I keep tryna tell em I’m different from what they used to.“

VladTV recently caught up with DJ Akademiks. During the sit-down interview, Ak addressed Lil Baby’s perceived It’s Only Me lyrics about him. The Off The Record podcast host slammed the Quality Control recording artist.

DJ Akademiks Says Lil Baby Is Battling Percocets & Demons

“My new nickname for Baby is Short Bus Baby,” DJ Akademiks told DJ Vlad. “He’s clearly just not that smart… Because of my history with him, he thought I was talking about him when I wasn’t talking about him. He hit me up privately, I explained to him I’m not talking about him, and he was still super upset.”

In response to “From Now On,” Ak also added, “I didn’t think that was a slight. I just thought that was him being stupid. He has one of those Tourette’s moments every now and then. You see him in the corner, he’s just punching at the air, he’s just flipping the water bottle. He’s battling the Percs and a lot of demons. I get it, wasn’t mad at that.”

DJ Akademiks does believe Lil Baby’s “Top Priority” bars can be taken as a personal threat. The Jamaica-born YouTuber offered a veiled warning of his own by claiming the media has the power to shape the general public’s opinions of celebrities.

“Some people said, ‘Oh, it’s not a threat.’ I took it as a threat. Here’s the thing, I’ve said this to every rapper in the game, you will never win versus the media. I don’t know why rappers go at the media. You’ll never win,” stated Akademiks.

Baby Previously Claimed His “Top Priority” Bars Were Not About Akademiks

Lil Baby discussed his shots at DJ Akademiks during an appearance on The Breakfast Club. The Atlanta native explained, “I said, ‘Academics n##### think they can’t get touched,’ meaning somebody that be on the computer all day. It wasn’t really saying him.”

However, The Breakfast Club interview also included Baby telling the radio hosts, “But, I seen another interview where [DJ Akademiks] was like, ‘Rappers broke and lease their cars.’ Stop playing bro… He [compares himself financially to me] all the time, though… Yeah, with me. Why he say me?”

Lil Baby’s It’s Only Me opened with 216,000 first-week units. He previously made it to the pinnacle of the Billboard 200 chart with 2020’s My Turn and 2021’s The Voice of the Heroes collaborative effort with Lil Durk.