DJ Akademiks Says He Will Choke Lil Baby To Death

Lil Baby

The podcaster calls out the 4PF leader for a fight.

It appears DJ Akademiks is still upset that Lil Baby may have thrown a few jabs at him on the It’s Only Me album. So much so, that Ak told his Twitch audience that he wants to brawl with Lil Baby.

“Really straight to war, n#### can’t beat me. Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me. Brodie’s ready to eat for a twenty-piece. I ain’t got nothing to say to you mini-mes,” rapped Baby on “From Now On” off It’s Only Me.

Lil Baby seemed to reference DJ Akademiks on the “Top Priority” track too. The apparent It’s Only Me disses caused Akademiks to call the Quality Control Music recording artist “Short Bus Baby” during an interview.

DJ Akademiks took his combative commentary about the 4PF crew leader even further while on a recent Twitch live stream. The Off The Record podcast host called out Lil Baby for a physical confrontation.

“I will fight Lil Baby for free or for money. I just want to get in the ring with him. You don’t got no 4PF, n####, I will choke you to death. I will punch you in your face. You’re not doing s###,” said Akademiks in a clip circulating online.

The controversial YouTuber added, “You’re a f###### retarded rapper. You can’t do s###. Stop it! Who gonna stand on that? By the way, I’m putting this out on a public medium. If Lil baby really thought it was some s###, he’d be like, ‘Ak, let’s really get into it.'”

It has been a busy week for DJ Akademiks. Not only has he continued his bad blood with Lil Baby, but Ak also found himself feuding with Yung Miami of the City Girls. That online confrontation led to Saucy Santana and Sean “Diddy” Combs jumping into the conflict.