DJ Clark Kent Allegedly Blocks RBX On Instagram Over Diss Featuring KXNG Crooked

According to inside sources, the veteran DJ has blocked “The Chronic” contributor on social media over the diss track “Shivers.”

RBX officially dropped his long awaited album, Hibernation Shivers, on streaming platforms in June—and one particular track apparently ruffled the feathers of a certain Hip-Hop legend.

According to inside sources, DJ Clark Kent has blocked The Chronic contributor on social media over the diss track “Shivers” featuring KXNG Crooked. The discovery was made after someone tagged DJ Clark Kent in the comments and RBX realized he was unable to access his page.

Evidently, some of the lyrics offended DJ Clark Kent, likely RBX’s verse, “Clowns disrespecting the X, don’t even trip/Let me provide dope for Clark Kent to skip U B#### U/Since u like skippin, W’s up to all my Bloods and Crips.” Featured guest/producer SCCIT’s lines probably didn’t help either: “They pretend like they sittin up on a throne/West Coast haters lookin out for they own/Punk ass DJ who forgot to put his cape on/Without a place to go since they stopped makin pay phones.”

The discourse between RBX and DJ Clark Kent popped off in 2023 after the latter made some disparaging comments about the former’s contributions to Dr. Dre’s seminal solo album, The Chronic. He’s quoted as saying, “But you gotta have great songs that make that thing happen. If you don’t, you’ll get one song that doesn’t hit properly, you done took yourself out of the classic thing because if you can skip, you ain’t got a classic. That’s why I won’t say The Chronic is a classic. Because I can skip RBX.”

Sources close to RBX’s camp said DJ Clark Kent sent a direct message to RBX shortly after the comments made the rounds, telling him something along the lines of, “It’s not really disrespectful. It’s just my opinion, bro!” RBX laughed it off then came back with “Shivers.”

RBX, who was previously signed to Death Row Records, contributed to six songs on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic in 1992. His deep, commanding voice can be heard on songs such as “High Powered,” “Stranded On Death Row” and “Lyrical Gangbang.” He also received songwriting credits on “Let Me Ride” and several others. But contract disputes and issues with ex-Death Row CEO Suge Knight proved too much to tolerate, and he left in 1994. More than 30 years later, RBX has come to a place of peace with how things unfolded.

“I don’t cry over spilled milk though ’cause I believe in a higher power and everything that was done was done for a reason,” he told AllHipHop in May 2023. “That’s why we still here. And at the end of the day, they might have run out and did this and that, but they can’t take my name and they can’t take my voice. And I still got these pens and pads to write these rhymes and they didn’t write s### for me—I wrote for them.”

But even that relationships has improved. Since then, RBX made an appearance on Tha Dogg Pound’s first Death Row album in 15 years, W.A.W.G. (We All We Got),on the track “Who Da Hardest?” featuring Snoop Dogg, The Lady of Rage and Kurupt, who all contributed to The Chronic. There’s definitely another chapter for RBX—and DJ Clark Kent presumably won’t be a part of it.