DMX NFT Auction Offers Unreleased Songs, Handwritten Lyrics & More


A new NFT collection featuring previously unreleased work from the late DMX is scheduled to go up for auction on New Year’s Eve.

Melanated NFT Gallery is giving DMX fans a chance to own some of his rare works.

DMX’s longtime friend DJ Superior has teamed up with Melanated for an NFT called DarkManX No Words. The collection includes unreleased songs, handwritten lyrics from the late rapper’s rhyme book, a freestyle battle, photographs and more.

The DMX NFT auction opens on Friday (December 31) at 6:30 p.m. Eastern. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to his family.

Melanated is billed as the first blockchain technology services company owned and operated by a Black woman. In addition to DMX, the gallery will also be auctioning off an NFT featuring jazz legend Miles Davis.

“Our mission is to provide a vehicle for melanated creators to maintain creative and financial control of their work and to ensure they continue to recognize fully the financial compensation and benefits of their work, in perpetuity, through the Smart Contract,” Melanated founder and CEO Nea Simone said in a press release. “Our vision is to be the genesis and destination for melanated NFTs, from African and Afro-Latinx creators to the global collector, ultimately addressing and dismantling Generational Financial Trauma (GFT) that has permeated the creative space for far too long.”

Click here to bid on the DMX auction once it launches.