DNA Test May Prove DMX Had 15th Child According To His Estate


Some more issues surrounding DMX’s estate just popped up…in the form of a young lady who claims she is the late rapper’s 15th child!

Months after rapper DMX’s untimely death in April, his estate is checking the paternity of a woman claiming to be one of his heirs.

If DNA tests confirm a biological relationship between the two, this person will tally up as the former Def Jam emcee’s 15th child.

According to Page Six, her name is Raven Barmer-Simmons, and she has already reached out to several of The Dog’s adult children.

Feelings are torn as some in his family are flat out rejecting her claims to be that chart-topping artist’s child. Chief among the naysayers is his fiancée Desiree Lindstrom.

Reports state that Lindstrom has other issues to worry about. One of which is getting the courts to acknowledge her as his common-law wife and the administrator of his estate.

If that happens, she could have more say over disseminating his estate to her child and DMX’s 14 (possibly 15) other heirs.

According to TMZ, the estate is currently only worth an estimated $1 million, despite selling over 70 million albums, having a successful film career, and other ventures.

It is projected that his estate will drastically jump as streams and sales of his music were on the rise earlier this year.

The Honorable Helen Blackwood, the presiding judge overseeing the case, has appointed three of DMX’s children as temporary administrators over the estate.

Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean, all children from his first marriage to Tashera Simmons, are working together to figure out what’s best for their father’s legacy.

Perhaps, that includes Raven.