Doja Cat Trolls Fans About Her Fourth Album Being R&B With No Rap

Doja Cat

Following backlash over being classified as Hip Hop, the rapper/singer jokes about her preferred genre.

It is not clear exactly what route Doja Cat will take with the follow-up album to her commercially successful Planet Her. She has teased different sounds for the yet-to-be-announced project over the last few weeks.

During a recent interview, Doja Cat suggested her next body of work would be heavily influenced by European culture. She said, “I’m very into this ’90s German rave kind of vibe right now and it’s really fun.”

Doja also stated, “I know that’s kind of the trend at the moment but I loved that stuff as a kid and now that I can express it (obviously, I couldn’t buzz my head and wear a furry bra and have a belly button piercing back then), I’m sort of embracing that. That’s kind of a hint to the album. Rave culture, not House.”

However, Doja Cat informed her 5.4 million Twitter followers that those comments were meant to be a rib. On Tuesday, she tweeted, “I’m not doing a German rave culture album you guys, I was pranking the outlet that interviewed me about it.”

Around the same time, Doja Cat also wrote, “I’m doing an R&B album… Straight R&B no rap at all.” The 26-year-old performer then teased a completely different style of music before going back to saying DC4 will be R&B and then changing her mind to Rock.

“Yall, I was lying. I’m doing an experimental Jazz album. I thought it would be funny to steer you into believing I was doing R&B cuz I knew it would work but I’m doing experimental Jazz now, honest truth,” tweeted Doja Cat.

There was some controversy surrounding the classifying of Doja Cat’s 2021 album Planet Her. The RCA Records release is listed as Pop on Apple Music. This led to some backlash when Doja Cat and Planet Her received industry award nominations in R&B categories and Hip Hop categories.