Dr. Dre’s Wife Forces His Alleged Mistresses To Tell All

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young

Dr. Dre’s mistresses have been ordered to testify about their relationship with the producer, as well as come up with some cash. 

Dr. Dre could be exposed as a philandering, cheating, no-good playboy, thanks to the latest court ruling in his bitter divorce from his soon-to-be ex-wife Nicole Young. 

A judge has ordered all three of Dr. Dre’s alleged mistresses to come clean about their relationship with the famed producer/business tycoon. 

Documents recently obtained by The DailyMail confirm the judge is ordering Jillian Speer, Kili Anderson, and Crystal Rogers to give depositions in the divorce war, as Dre and Nicole battle over an $850 million fortune. 

Dr. Dre claims Nicole signed an ironclad prenuptial agreement before they got married in May of 1996, while Nicole says Dre forced her to sign the document. 

The divorce war has become quite nasty.

Nicole claims Dr. Dre beat her during their marriage, while he maintains the allegations are absurd and a desperate attempt to slander his name. 

Nicole has also claimed Dre has been cheating and keeping his mistresses in the Brentwood mansion she once shared with him. Nicole even claimed some of Dre’s side pieces have been wearing her clothes! 

The judge has reason to believe Nicole is telling the truth – at least about the mistresses. 

Each one of Dre’s ladies was fined $2,500 apiece for attempting to avoid Nicole’s subpoenas, further complicating an already complicated divorce war. 

The judge thinks Dr. Dre may have engaged in pillow talk regarding the enforceability of the prenup to at least one of them, so he has ordered them to testify – under oath. 

The judge also ruled Dr. Dre must allow Nicole back into their Brentwood estate, so she can collect the belongings that are rightfully hers.

The judge is also allowing Nicole to copy “personal records, documents, computer and electronic files, video and audio recordings and any and all contents relevant to the issues” pertaining to their divorce. 

The ruling is the latest chapter in the bitter divorce war, which may have played a part in Dr. Dre’s hospitalization in January of this year.

The Death Row/Aftermath founder was sent to Cedar’s Sinai Hospital after suffering from a brain aneurysm.

Thankfully, Dr. Dre recovered from the scary medical event, and he wasted no time getting back into the studio where he is rumored to be working on his fabled project, Detox

While not much information was offered up about Detox, a track did leak featuring KXNG Crooked where Dre labeled Nicole a “greedy b####,” over her request for $2 million in spousal support. 

Nicole attempted to get a restraining order against Dre over the provocative lyrics, but a judge refused the request.