(UPDATE) Drake’s Losing Streak Actually Didn’t End; Takes $850K Loss Over Logan Paul


Drake’s $850,000 bet on Logan Paul took a surprising turn when the match ended in a disqualification instead of the expected knockout.

Drake has been making headlines with his extravagant sports betting habits. Recently, he placed a staggering bet of $850,000 on the highly anticipated boxing match between YouTube sensation Logan Paul and MMA fighter Dillon Danis. This wasn’t just any ordinary bet; Drake was banking on Logan Paul to win by knockout. What was the potential payout for this bet? 

A cool $1.35 million.

However, the outcome of the fight took many by surprise. Danis was disqualified due to an unexpected move. Unlike traditional boxing techniques, Danis executed an unauthorized guillotine choke, a maneuver typically seen in mixed martial arts (MMA), causing chaos in the ring.

Such actions, which deviate from the established norms of boxing and could compromise the safety of participants, led to his disqualification. 

This twist meant that Drake lost his $850,000 wager, shocking many fans.

Logan had strong words after the bizarre ending: “He’s supposed to be good at jiu-jitsu. What happened? [I] stopped the takedown, tried that, [he] tried to do a guillotine. I’m sorry it ended that way. Dillion Danis truly is a coward, just a dirty, dirty human being.”  

The fight had its share of drama, escalating tensions even before the match. Just days before the fight, during a pre-fight press conference, Danis threw a microphone at Logan Paul’s face.

This isn’t the first time Drake’s betting habits have made news. 

Known for his lavish wagers, he has often showcased his bets on his Instagram, revealing the high stakes he plays with. However, his betting history has been a mix of wins and losses, leading to the fabled “Drake Curse.”

The popular superstition insists that teams or athletes who receive Drake’s public endorsement or closely interact with him tend to face unexpected setbacks or defeats in subsequent games or events. 

This peculiar trend has been observed across various sports, from basketball to MMA, leading to a buzz on social media platforms. Many fans humorously caution sports personalities to steer clear of the rapper if they aim for victory in their upcoming matches.

While the “Drake Curse” in sports betting has become a popular narrative, his casino ventures paint a different picture. According to Casino.com, Drake ended 2022 with $29.61 million in losses and more than $46.81 million in profits.

While some might see the Logan Paul bet as a significant loss, for Drake, it’s just another day in his world of high-stakes betting.