Eminem’s Child Stevie Implies Rapper Never Told Them They Were Adopted


Eminem’s adopted child Stevie continues to make headlines. First they revealed they were non-binary. Now they claim Em never told them they were adopted!

Eminem’s child Stevie took to TikTok to share with the world that the rap god lied about being her father. In their minds, he robbed them of the last moments with their biological father.

Stevie, 19, recently shared to the world that they are considered non-binary, a term that recognizes that someone’s gender identity isn’t exclusively male or female.

In the new TikTok video she posts a video about how frustrating it was for her to learn the truth about her birth father, a man named Eric Hartter who died in 2020.

In the video, they are mouthing the words to an experience where others told them that they were adopted.

“hes not your real dad,” the first quote reads. “youre adopted.”

They then mouthed, “Youre my real dad right? am i adopted [sic]?’

They then lip sync’s as if they’s presumed father, Eminem said, “I am your real dad.”

After this, a slide reads, “gets sent an article of biological dad’s death and shows grandma.” Their grandmother tells them, “im sorry ‘they’ wouldn’t tell you about him.”

The “they” in this case refers to Slim Shady and his ex-wife Kim Scott. He legally adopted Stevie in 2005. That year is significant as the couple got back together, married (by 2006) and before New Year’s Eve was divorced again.

Stevie has experienced a lot of trauma lately. Just a day ago,

AllHipHop.com reported that their mother Kim may attempt to take her life by suicide on July 30, a day after Stevie’s grandmother, Kathleen Sluck, was buried.

Stevie, who used to be addressed as Whitney, is healing. While they are disappointed in their parents (like many teenagers are), they had a grandmother that loved and adored them. In Sluck’s obituary, they were addressed by the new name.

‘Kathleen was a exceptional mom to her two daughters; Kim and Dawn; and was overjoyed to become a grandmother to her grandchildren; Alaina, Adam, Hailie, Stevie, P.J., and Parker,” the obituary for Kathleen Sluck read.

Eminem and Kim have children: Haille Jade, 25, who is indeed biologically related to the chart-topper, and Stevie, who recently discovered that their father was a different man.

He has not commented on Sluck’s death, Scott’s suicide attempt, Stevie’s gender-fluidity announcement, or their sharing about his decision to say that he is their father.

Shout out to him for accepting her wholly as his child.