EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Drug Kingpin Sues Lionsgate For $300 Million For Allowing 50 Cent To “Intimidate” Him

50 Cent

Rap star 50 Cent’s alleged bullying of an ex-drug kingpin has led to a huge lawsuit for Lionsgate. Check out all of the details!

The bitter feud between Corey “Ghost” Holland and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has erupted into a new $300 million lawsuit against Lionsgate Entertainment, with Holland accusing the entertainment giant of enabling Jackson to launch a vicious and sustained intimidation campaign against him. 

The lawsuit claims that Jackson orchestrated the intimidation campaign against Holland, and Lionsgate Entertainment knew about Jackson’s harmful propensities but failed to take necessary action.

Lionsgate Sued Over 50 Cent Bullying Ex-Drug Kingpin

The legal action is an extension of Holland’s previous $1 billion lawsuit against Jackson, where he claimed that the TV series “Power” was based on his own life. 

Holland alleges that he met with “Power” co-creator Courtney Kemp’s dad in 2007 and shared his life story with him, including his experiences as a drug dealer on a CD titled Blasphemy

Holland claims that Jackson used his story as the basis for the “Power” TV series without his consent or compensation.

During that lawsuit, Holland claims 50 Cent showed up in his neighborhood with men in vans and SUVs, who went around the area looking for a man named “Ghost.” 

The men finally found Holland and stared him down as he stood in his driveway. Holland claimed he was forced to arm himself. Holland claimed he asked 50 Cent and his goons why they were in the neighborhood, but they prevented him from confronting the rapper. 

Lionsgate Sued Over 50 Cent Bullying Ex-Drug Kingpin

According to Holland’s latest lawsuit, Lionsgate Entertainment was aware of Jackson’s illegal activities and harmful behavior but still hired and allowed him to develop and produce “Power.” 

Holland alleges that Jackson used the TV series to further intimidate and harm him, ultimately leading to the supposed intimidation campaign.

Corey “Ghost” Holland is seeking $300 million in damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence in hiring and retention, among other charges. 

The lawsuit also seeks to prevent Lionsgate Entertainment from using Holland’s life story in future productions without his consent and compensation.

50 Cent and Holland are expected to try and mediate the $1 billion lawsuit over the “Power” lawsuit during a session scheduled for May 9, 2023, at 11:00 AM.

So far, 50 Cent and his lawyers have yet to reply to the new $300 million lawsuit.