Ex-Gangmember Says ‘Nipsey Hussle “Forgot The Rules Of The Streets”

An Ol’ Head gang member says that Nipsey got shot because “he forgot the rules.”

(AllHipHop News) It seems like everyone has a theory on why Nipsey Hussle was killed.

Experts and rap stars have been consulted on many a media outlet to expound on why Eric Holder pulled a gun out and blasted one whom many believed was the next Tupac on March 31st, 2019.

But no one has asked the hood… and what some of the people from his hood had to say might bug you all the way out.

According to an ol’ head affiliated with the gang culture on the BBC Three documentary, “The Mysterious Murder Of Nipsey Hussle,” the rapper was killed because he forgot the rules of the street.

Sedrick, who runs a book and herbs shop, had a lot to say to the interviewer about why Hussle almost invited the death angel to his door-step.

He had money and nobody, even his gang members, was gonna let him just eat.

He said: “Nipsey was stupid, he was stupid. He didn’t have, his gang didn’t protect him and they wasn’t going to protect him when he got that money.”

“It’s too risky, there’s too many dudes that aren’t gonna like you… Nipsey for one, he should have never been at that store without security. He thought he was untouchable,” Sedrick said.

But in addition to him looking like easy Shark Tank prey, Sedrick also seems to think that Hussle was too flagrant with calling people out their names. And in the hood more so that the n-word or the b-word, the s-word is the worst moniker to have.

And Nip called Eric Holder the s-word in public… a hood no-no unless you want some smoke. And Holder brought that. 

Hussle, according to the transcript in the pre-trial hearing, is alleged to have said it 24 times. Sedrick expounds on why “that’s the worst thing you can say.”

‘You gotta go kill that n##ga man… if you call me a snitch and I ain’t a snitch. It’s the equivalent of being called a child molester, that’s the level that’s on.”

“You don’t disrespect somebody, he talked down to him, he was making accusations about him,” Sedrick said.