EXCLUSIVE: “BMF” Star Lil Meech Explains Why He Opted Out Of Rap Career

Lil Baby and Lil Meech

Lil Meech found his voice not in the echo of his father’s legacy in Hip-Hop but on the trails of acting.

Navigating the allure and pitfalls of his father’s legacy, Lil Meech has surprisingly charted a course not through the world of rap. Despite the pulse of rap in his bloodline and the monumental influence of BMF Entertainment within the industry, Lil Meech chose a different spotlight.

The history of BMF Entertainment reads like a gripping tale of ambition, sophistication, and downfall. Initially conceived by Big Meech in the early 2000s, the label was both a formidable presence in the Hip-Hop world and a cover for extensive criminal operations.

While only officially signing one artist, the label rubbed shoulders with the likes of Jeezy and x, solidifying the BMF brand as an illustrious yet controversial fixture in the music scene.

However, with the Flenory brothers’ arrest in 2005, the empire and its record label crumbled, leaving behind a legacy that would be immortalized in the “BMF” TV series crafted by 50 Cent—a story in which Lil Meech would play a pivotal role.

Despite his lineage, Lil Meech discovered that music was not his destined path during a revelatory stint in the studio.

“I was there for like eight hours trying to figure out what to say and I realized this ain’t for me,” Lil Meech disclosed. “I love music, I have an ear for it, but being in front of the mic, that’s not where I shine.”

The epiphany pivoted him toward acting, a field where his passion and talent have unequivocally flourished. On the screen, he embodies the complex character of his own father, Big Meech in the critically acclaimed STARZ series BMF.

While one might assume a transition from the son of a rap and criminal empire figurehead to a leading man in the rap game would be seamless, Lil Meech has candidly revealed why the microphone didn’t become his weapon of choice.

In an exchange with AllHipHop, Lil Meech shared the groundwork of his burgeoning acting career, coupled with the wisdom he has gleaned both on and off the set.

“It’s all about hard work, dedication, and really soaking in everything around you,” Meech reflected on his career choice. “You’ve got to have tough skin in both industries, but for me, acting became the clearer path.”

BMF has since become a monumental success for STARZ, championed by the authentic performances of its cast, including Lil Meech, and riveting narratives drawn from real life.

The series’ third season, embellished with cameos from rap figures such as Lil Baby and Saweetie, shattered viewership records, amassing more than 5.1 million viewers across platforms and securing a prompt renewal for a fourth season.

As production gears up to continue the saga of the Flenory family in Atlanta, the series stands as a testament to the enduring intrigue of the BMF story and Lil Meech’s unparalleled portrayal of his father.