EXCLUSIVE: Coronavirus Won’t Stop 50 Cent”s Sextape War With Rick Ross

The lawyers fighting with 50 Cent aren’t worried about “The Rona” and are ready to face the rapper in a $32 million battle over a leaked sex tape, pandemic or not!

(AllHipHop News) A law firm is demanding to have their day in court with 50 Cent, global pandemic or not!

An attorney for law firm Reed Smith is asking a judge to allow 50 Cent’s deposition of Rick Ross, even though the United States has shut down over a global outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

50 is battling Reed Smith in a $32 million battle over a leaked sex tape featuring Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston.

50 Cent was found liable for leaking the tape and had to shell out $7 million to Leviston, which forced him into bankruptcy in 2015.

In January of 2017, 50 decided to sue Reed Smith for tanking his case, because they never deposed Rick Ross.

50 Cent’s legal team has been trying to find Rick Ross for the past year to serve him with a subpoena to force him to be deposed for the case, in an attempt to find the source of the leaked sex tape.

Last month, a judge agreed to give 50 Cent until March 31st to depose Rick Ross, but the outbreak of the coronavirus is threatening to delay the case once again because most courts in the United States have been shut down.

But that should not impact 50 Cent’s deposition of Rick Ross, which is slated to take place on March 25th in Atlanta, Georgia, where Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms declared a state of emergency.

“Current government projections reflect uncertainty regarding when the virus will be brought under control, but even the most optimistic estimates are currently offered in terms of months, not weeks,” said Reed Smith’s lawyer, Thomas G. Rohback.

“To continue with existing lawsuits during these trying times, courts have canceled live oral argument, and have allowed for telephonic hearings. So, too, courts have recognized that taking depositions remotely by video and/or telephonic means is preferable to continuing discovery for an uncertain duration in civil cases that are impacted by the coronavirus emergency.”

At first, lawyers for both sides thought conducting the deposition via video was a good idea, but they could not agree on what date and time to do it.

Reed Smith wants to keep the March 25th date, but 50 Cent’s legal team wants to delay the depostion until a later date.

“Counsel for Mr. Jackson has expressed a willingness to use video technology, but only after adjourning this date to some future date when he might be able to take the deposition in person. Counsel for Reed Smith opposes any such adjournment. Likewise, Counsel for Mr. Ross opposes that adjournment.”

Reed Smith is asking the Court to issue an order directing that the deposition of Mr. Ross be conducted remotely on March 25th, 2020.