EXCLUSIVE: R. Kelly Labeled A Threat To Jurors In Upcoming RICO Trial

The government is requesting to shield the identity of jurors as they prepare to try R. Kelly for having sex with underage teenagers.

(AllHipHop News) The government is worried about the safety of jurors in R. Kelly’s upcoming RICO case for allegedly running a sexual enterprise.

Federal prosecutors are asking for an anonymous, partially sequestered jury, because of the looming threat posed by R. Kelly from behind bars.

“The identities of all prospective  jurors, including their names, addresses, and places of employment, [should] not be revealed to either party or their attorneys,” prosecutor Richard P. Donoghue wrote in court filings today (July 8th).

The Feds also want jurors to be partially sequestered.

The jury members should eat lunch together, in addition to being escorted in and out of the courthouse by US Marshals to avoid interaction with the public or media, according to U.S. prosecutor

The disgraced singer is facing almost two dozen felonies related to six different Jane Doe victims.

R. Kelly is accused of being the ringleader of a sex ring involving his managers, bodyguards, drivers, personal assistants, who allegedly fed the singer’s insatiable appetite for underage girls.

The government claims that for over two decades, the organization recruited women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity with R. Kelly.

The 53-year-old singer allegedly photographed and videotaped the underaged the girls to allegedly blackmail them into silence.

Then R. Kelly isolated the girls from their families, forced the teenagers to follow a dress code, and issued a commandment to refer to him as “Daddy,” as he traveled with the children to sexually abuse them, according to an indictment.

R. Kelly has already been accused of intimidating witnesses, after a Jane Doe’s lawyer received a threatening letter along with explicit images, reportedly signed by the singer himself.

As a result, Judge Ann Donnelly refused to release the singer from the Cook County Prison on three different occasions, despite an outbreak of the deadly coronavirus inside of the Cook County prison where the singer is currently incarcerated.

And now the Feds are worried R. Kelly may attempt to influence the jurors if they do not remain anonymous.

The singer is already accused of rigging his 2008 child porn trial which ended in his acquittal, by paying the victim hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to refuse to testify.

The government also accused R. Kelly of shelling out $200,000 more to buy up leaked pornographic videotapes he made of himself with the teens.

More recently, the Feds claim a goon associated with R. Kelly’s threatened one victim’s life and offered up $50,000 to buy another witness’s silence.

“These measures are necessary to safeguard the jurors and the fair administration of justice,” Donoghue argued. “Moreover, these precautions will not deprive the defendant of meaningful jury selection, diminish the presumption of innocence, or cause any prejudice.”

The trial is supposed to start in March of 2021.