EXCLUSIVE: R. Kelly Must Stay Behind Bars Despite Prison Beating; Tupac’s Step-Dad’s Case Cited

A judge has ruled R. Kelly is too dangerous to be put back on the streets, even though he was severely beaten by a gang member in prison.

R&B singer R. Kelly will be getting no breaks, even though his life is obviously at risk in prison.

Last week, the singer was beaten by a Latin Kings gang member in his jail cell at the MCC in Chicago, where he is currently being held on numerous counts of sexually abusing a number of teens and women over the past two decades.

R. Kelly’s lawyers have been trying to get him out of prison as he awaits two trials for racketeering and overseeing a sexual Enterprise that exploited young teenaged girls.

His three prior attempts to be released due to his fear of catching the Coronavirus has failed each time. 

In his latest attempt, R. Kelly’s lawyers cited the attack on his disgraced celebrity client as another reason he should be freed from the prison. 

However, in a ruling today (September 8th) Judge Ann Donnelly once again denied R. Kelly’s request for freedom.

Even though R. Kelly’s life is obviously at risk from other inmates, he is still just too dangerous to be released from prison, citing a May 15th ruling. 

“We perceive no clear error in the district court’s determination that the government has demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence that Kelly presents risk of a danger to the community and by a preponderance of the evidence that Kelly presents a flight risk, and, moreover,
that no condition or combination of conditions could assure against those risks. Likewise, the court did not clearly err in determining that Kelly failed to demonstrate a “compelling reason” for temporary release.”

Ironically, Judge Donnelly cited a ruling that kept Tupac Shakur’s step-father Dr. Mutulu Shakur locked up because he too was deemed a flight risk, for his involvement in the armed robbery of a Brinks truck in 1981, which left one guard and two cops murdered. 

Dr. Shakur was eventually sentenced to 60 years in prison for the robbery and murders.