Fat Joe Catches Heat For Comparing Chris Brown To Michael Jackson 

Chris Brown Michael Jackson

Fat Joe claimed Chris Brown would be on par with Michael Jackson if he never assaulted Rihanna and said it’s time “we move past it.”  

Fat Joe is continuing to heap praise on Chris Brown, likening him to Michael Jackson while questioning why the singer is still stigmatized for violently assaulting Rhianna in 2009. 

“If Chris Brown never got into the controversy with Rihanna we would be calling him Michael Jackson right now,” Fat Joe declared during an Instagram Live chat over the weekend. “He is the most talented singer, artist, performer, hit maker of our time. There’s nobody even close to Chris Brown, and it’s time we move past it.” 

According to Fat Joe, who recently likened Breezy to Tupac Shakur, while fans are “scared” to support Brown, “the streets” are on his side.  

“When the truth is an unpopular decision, everybody gets scared to say it. They get canceled, especially famous people. But you know the streets they know what it is. Streets always know, they tell you the truth,” he added. “The streets still bumping R Kelly. He’s in jail, he did terrible things.” 

“It’s a shame that we lying and we not giving it up to the king of R&B … We be thinking he could battle Michael Jackson, that’s all I’m trying to say. I’m not lying. If you really look at his body of work and you look at all his hits you see what he does.” 

Although Fat Joe claimed “there’s no more incidents” of violence surrounding the singer, Brown’s former partner Karrueche Tran sought a restraining order against him in 2017, accusing him of domestic abuse. Brown has also faced other accusations of violence and sexual assault.  

Fat Joe insisted he does not “condone” Brown’s assault on Rihanna and said he is “here to protect the queens.” 

Social Media Reacts To Fat Joe Comparing Chris Brown To MJ

While some agreed with Fat Joe, dubbing Chris Brown the “King of R&B,” others rejected the comparison to the King of Pop.  

“What Chris Brown music is even comparable to Michael Jackson’s? They not even in the same league,” one person wrote on X (Twitter). “I F### w Chris Brown to much to tell average joe how wrong he is,“ another person added. 

A third person said, “No the f### we wouldn’t” before adding, “Tired of this conversation.”