Finesse2Tymes Tells Child Rap Protégé’s Mom To Get Her S### Together After She Stabs Her Mom


Finesse2Tymes faced scrutiny for his role in child rapper FNG King’s life, but the kid’s mom was arrested for attempted first-degree murder.

Finesse2Tymes reacted to the arrest of Tiffany Moore, the mother of his protégé FNG King a.k.a. Lil King, in a social media post on Tuesday (May 30).

According to Fox 13 Memphis, Moore was arrested for stabbing her own mother with a pair of scissors over Memorial Day weekend. She was charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Finesse2Tymes urged Moore to get her life together in a Facebook post. He also sent his well wishes to the victim.

“At the end of the day, I hope she get well,” he wrote. “That’s still my lil man’s mama, Grandma get well. And Tiffney get ya shyt together we here for u, just gotta wanna be there for yaself.”

Finesse2Tymes previously faced criticism for his prominent role in child rapper FNG King’s life. Outspoken provocateur Charleston White called child protective services on Finesse2Tymes, citing concerns for FNG King.

Social media users raised questions about FNG King’s mother due to his antics with Finesse2Tymes. Moore recently spoke out on social media, revealing she spent more than 20 months behind bars and doesn’t have custody of FNG King.

Moore said FNG King’s grandmother has custody of her child. She also confirmed Finesse2Tymes isn’t the father of her son.