Freddie Gibbs Reacts To YSL Woody Alleged Snitching Video 

Freddie Gibbs shared a snippet of YSL Woody from the interrogation video reigniting his long standing issues with the YSL crew.

A newly surfaced video of YSL affiliate Lil Woody allegedly snitching on Young Thug and YFN Lucci has gone viral, with social media users debating the three-hour-long video.  

While YSL Woody (real name Kenneth Copeland) refused to name Thugger directly, he alluded to his involvement multiple times. He also revealed details about an alleged hit that night and offered to help authorities.  

Freddie Gibbs has had his issues with the YSL camp over the years. The pair fired shots at each other online after the Gary, IN rapper labeled Gunna a snitch following his appearance in a CNN clip mistaken for an episode of Crime Stoppers. 

Gunna fired back with a diss on the DS4Ever cut “poochie gown” before getting caught up in the YSL RICO case.  

When Gunna was released after taking an Alford Plea, Freddie Gibbs revealed artists removed their verses on $oul $old $separately over his beef with Gunna.  

“It was n##### that took they verse off my album because wunna ain’t like me. I wonder how they feel now,” he tweeted last December. “And y’all n##### said I was hatin…welp… Rap full of snitches so y’all gon welcome this n#### home with open arms.” 

Freddie Gibbs Trolls YSL Woody

Social media had a field day after the Lil Woody video hit the net, with users weighing in on his confessions. Freddie Gibbs added his voice to the chatter, jumping on Twitter to troll YSL Woody. He shared a clip of YSL Woody during the interrogation, who is left alone in the room and, at one point, stands up to check his pulse.  

“N#### snitched so hard he had to check his pulse 😂,” he wrote on Monday (Feb. 20).  

Meanwhile, YSL Woody took to his Instagram Story to respond to the video from behind bars. 

“I sat in jail days nights months years didn’t know my outcome didn’t call on god didn’t cry or cooperate,” he wrote. “I started working on understanding myself realizing who I am and what I’m worth. Jail gave me time to think grow and understand only point I have to prove is showing my people that whatever we put out mind to we can do it. Stay away from bad energy focus and believe in yourself.”