Gap Slaps Kanye West With Lawsuit After Company Gets Sued Over Yeezy Store

Kanye West - Ye

Gap blamed its former partner Kanye West for modifying a Los Angeles building that used to be a Yeezy store.

Gap added to Kanye West’s growing list of lawsuits by suing him for $2 million.

According to TMZ and Radar Online, Gap blamed Kanye West for the company’s involvement in a separate lawsuit over modifying a Yeezy store in Los Angeles. Art City Center sued Gap for breach of contract in 2022.

Art City Center leased a building in downtown Los Angeles to Gap, which used the location for a Yeezy store from 2021 to 2022. Gap wasn’t allowed to make alterations to the building without approval.

Gap faced legal action after it allegedly “completed numerous, significant, unapproved modifications.” Art City Center claimed the building hasn’t been restored to its original condition in a lawsuit against Gap.

Art City Center sought $1.5 million in damages. Gap responded by suing Kanye West, accusing him of making all the changes to the building.

Gap argued it was wrongly sued by Art City Center. The retailer said it’s not responsible for what Kanye West did to the building and requested $2 million in damages from its former partner.

Kanye West partnered with Gap in 2020. He terminated his deal with the company in 2022. ‘Ye left Gap a month before he was dropped by Adidas.