Ghostface Killah’s Son Says They Haven’t Seen Each Other In 15 Years: “I’m Tired Of The Pain”

Ghostface Killah

Infinite Coles, the son of Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, called out his father in an emotional plea on social media.

Ghostface Killah’s son Infinite Coles pleaded for his father’s attention on Wednesday (May 24).

Coles called out his dad in an Instagram post. Ghostface Killah’s son detailed his heartbreak, accusing the Wu-Tang Clan member of neglect.

“A man who doesn’t take care of his family will NEVER be blessed,” Coles wrote. “@realghostfacekillah ghosted us for too long !!!”

Coles claimed he never liked to discuss his personal life online, but he felt like it was the only way to reach his father. Ghostface Killah’s son said he was feeling lost and hopeless.

“@ghostfacekillah I didn’t really want to do this; but at this point, I’m tired of keeping quiet to save your reputation,” Coles wrote. “I’m tired of the PAIN. My heart has been aching and longing to be loved by you, MY FATHER, for way too long. So since you are unreachable, perhaps this will get your attention:”

He continued “I haven’t had a full conversation with you or seen you in over 15 years! You haven’t once tried to reach out to me to see how I’m feeling or how I’m doing. I have messages that literally show me reaching out to you and receiving no response for over a DECADE!”

Ghostface Killah hasn’t publicly responded to his son’s message.

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