Giggs Seemingly Responds To Wild Rumors He’s Diddy’s London Fixer 

Giggs Diddy

Giggs seemingly responded to the rumors accusing the British rap titan of procuring men for Diddy during his visits to London.  

British rap giant Giggs is reminding people not to play with him after social media users began gossiping about his relationship with Diddy following the allegations in the latest lawsuit against the Hip-Hop mogul.  

The shockwaves from the latest filings have traveled all the way across the ocean as wild rumors spread that Diddy tasked Giggs with supplying him with men during his trips to London. 

The speculation stemmed from an unsubstantiated “blind item” circulating online. However, Giggs caught wind of the gossip and seemingly took to social media to respond.  

“No one cant ever bring no funny s### around BADMAN,” Giggs wrote on X Tuesday (February 27). “Let’s not forget who we are dealing with here. Lets cut da crap!!!!” 

He returned an hour later with a follow-up post. “Its funny, nowadays absolute nobodies chattin s### online is the new hit record,” Giggs added. “Ah well, im’a just keep it G and just stick wid da hard work. *Grabs broom and continues sweeping. *” 

Back in November, Diddy joined Giggs for an electrifying show for their epic One Night Only event in London.  

Giggs is a frequent visitor to the U.S., often hanging out with the likes of Maino and Dave East in New York. He’s been friends with Diddy for some time, and in 2022, he gave him a little London slang tutorial.  

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While Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones named several celebrities in his sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy and shared thinly veiled descriptions of others, there is no indication that Giggs is connected to the allegations..