GloRilla’s “Nasty” Bedroom Practice Shocks The Internet


GloRilla shared an intimate revelation when asked about her “nastiest” bedroom practice leaving some fans horrified.

GloRilla left social media fans stunned after revealing what she gets up to with her man behind closed doors.  

The CMG rapper shared the saucy tidbit during a recent appearance on the Lip Service Podcast. As usual, the hosts delved into the rapper’s personal life, asking about the “nastiest” thing she has done in the bedroom.  

“I do some s### that I never heard of,” GloRilla explained before the hosts asked for specific examples.  

“It’s some weird s### but okay,’ she continued. “Say, for instance we just got done eating, right? Say we’ve got done eating, we have sex right after, and it’s on my food. Imma still eat it… if there’s nut on my food imma eat it.” 

After GloRilla and the hosts exploded with laughter, she added. “Just nut it on my fries real quick and imma eat it.” 

Once clips of the podcast went viral online, the rapper quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. Social media users responded in droves, with some horrified by the admission.  

“That why her voice be sounding like that,’ was one response. Another suggested Glorilla needs media training before giving any more interviews. “This is why Motown used to make their artist go through media training back in the 60’s.” 

“Sis, you coulda left that in the group chat,” one user replied to the viral clip. “Deep in the group chat. So far back you gotta scroll for like an hour to find it lol.” 

GloRilla seemingly caught wind of the internet chatter, taking to Twitter for some damage control.

“I was just playing 😂😂😂😂😂,” she wrote. 

GloRilla Shoots Her Shot At Rubi Rose

Elsewhere on the podcast, GloRilla discussed threesomes and also shot her shot at another female rapper. “You know one girl who I like?” she asked before replying, “Rubi Rose.” Check out the clips below and some reactions to Glo’s “nasty” revelation at the end of the page.  

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