Gunna And Goodr Give Out $100,000 Despite Walmart Cancelation

Gunna - YSL

Gunna managed to help thousands of families in Atlanta, even though Walmart canceled his 5th Annual Gunna’s Great Giveaway at the last minute.

On December 17th, the City of South Fulton’s police department and Walmart canceled the 5th Annual “Great Giveaway” event hosted by Atlanta rapper Gunna. reported the was scheduled to take place on Sunday, December 18th, at a South Fulton Walmart, which was organized in partnership with Goodr and aimed to distribute $100 gift cards to 1,000 pre-registered families in College Park. 

Originally Goodr, the organization that has been working with the foundation, was sad about their plans being changed.

But, they did not let that stop the “goodwill toward all,” which should fuel the season.

Jasmine Crowe-Houston, the CEO of Goodr, released a statement regarding what would have been the 5th Annual Gunna’s Great Giveaway and what the organization did for the people impacted by the recent events.

Jasmine Crowe-Houston issues statement on Gunna's Christmas Giveaway

Crowe-Houston said, “As many of you have seen, stories of the 5th Annual Gunna’s Great Giveaway being canceled last Sunday, I wanted to inform you that we contacted all 1,000 families this week.

“Working with the City of South Fulton, every family received their gift cards and gifts today,” she continued. “It’s important to note this event is in its 5th year.” Since 2018, we have worked with Gunna to host his $100K Christmas Giveaway— this was not a first-time event.”

Crowe-Houston says the organization “received hundreds of emails and social media messages from families and seniors across Metro Atlanta” who depend on this holiday blessing over the last week.

“So many were in dire need of food or trying to put gifts under the tree for their children. It was essential to Gunna, his Great Giveaway Family Foundation, and Goodr to make sure that families received the assistance promised to them no matter what,” she explained.

“Every family was so grateful and appreciative of our efforts to make this right. Thank you for being patient as we worked on a solution and ensured everyone was served in time for the holidays,” Crowe-Houston said.