Ice Cube Denies “Sellout” Claims Amid Criticism Of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Photo Op In Twitter Rant

Ice Cube

Ice Cube blasted critics of his meeting with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., denying he sold out and insisting the photo op was not an endorsement.

Ice Cube briefly paused his war on pro basketball’s gatekeepers to clash with critics on Twitter who slammed the gangsta rap pioneer following his recent meeting with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Kennedy, an outspoken anti-vaxxer and 2024 presidential candidate, received some hefty internet backlash after he shared a photo from their meeting on July 10. Twitter users were divided by Ice Cube meeting the controversial politician and also by RFK classifying the rapper as ” one of our country’s most influential and outspoken civil rights leaders.” 

The post racked up almost four million views in less than three days as users chimed in on the photo. While Ice Cube took a few days to respond—he was busy addressing the debate over whether he’s a better storyteller than The Notorious B.I.G.— he fired back at the critique in an explosive way.  

He denied endorsing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and blasted claims he’ selling out in a furious Twitter rant.  

“For all the simple minded short bus people out there,” Ice Cube began Wednesday night (July 12). “A picture is not an endorsement, dummy. Now get your ass over to bungalow 51 and S###.” 

When a longtime fan said he was “disappointed” in Ice Cube and questioned his “mission,” he replied, “Sellout? I work for myself. I’m self-made. How do you feed your family??? How much do you sell your time for per hour on your job?”

Chuck D Speaks Out For Ice Cube

The legendary Chuck D also waded in the row with a co-sign. 

“Know this fact,” he declared before adding, Ice Cube “has gone into every one of these ‘industries’ many of the masses worship… on HIS own rule and as his OWN MAN. A game that’s twisted many into demise. Not him. Know that. Seen the same dude since the day I met him. He KNOWS who he is. Know who YOU are.” 

Nobody was safe from the wrath of Ice Cube, not even internet bots. “Bots are b###### that need to be checked too. Don’t take no s### from no f##### robots,” the Big3 founder stated.  

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