Investigators Release Picture Of Gunman Who Killed Mo3 In Brazen Attack


The cops are getting close to identifying the suspect who killed Mo3 in a broad daylight shooting on a crowded freeway earlier this month.

Rapper Mo3’s murder has just got that much closer to being solved. 

Dallas law enforcement dropped a bomb on the world by releasing photos from a surveillance camera of the “Broken Love” rapper’s drive-by murder on November 11th on Interstate 35E near Marsalis Avenue.

It is spooky to see the accuracy of the images. 

And what the DPD has been able to ascertain from them is that a man wearing a long black-sleeve shirt and blue jeans came out of a black car— possibly a Camaro— and chased Mo3 (whose real name is Melvin Noble) before shooting him dead. 

This mystery man also shot an innocent victim who was sitting in his car, but that bystander’s injuries were not as serious as the 28-year-old emcee who was killed. 

So far, no arrests have been made. 

Because the assault was made on the freeway, there are suspicions that it could have been related to road-rage. 

But that cannot be confirmed as rumors lend to a theory that Mo3 may have been targeted as a rising star with some connections to the streets.

His death did invoke a great deal of pain in the community. A vigil was set up on the plaza near City Hall. Two city-blocks were closed by the Texas Sky Ranger in an effort to provide a safe space for family, friends, and fans to honor his memory.

Unfortunately, Mo3’s close associate Boosie was shot in the leg and seriously wounded after he spoke at the vigil honoring the Dallas rapper.