J. Cole: Working With J-hope Was A “Blessing” As BTS Member Scores Highest Ever Solo Chart Entry 

J-hope J. Cole

J-hope released a behind-the-scenes video capturing the making of the “on the street” visuals with his “muse” J. Cole.

Fresh off the success of his single with J. Cole, J-hope is giving fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of their “on the street” music video. 

The Dreamville co-founder and feature killer joined the BTS member on his latest solo offering, released earlier this month (Mar. 3).  

The behind-the-scenes video opens with the K-pop idol dancing in the streets of New York. He is then shown in his hotel room penning a letter to the “London” hitmaker whom he has cited as a major source of inspiration. 

“Being able to meet my muse, J. Cole is nerve-wracking,” J-hope admits before crafting the handwritten note. He described working with Cole as an “honor” and thanked the rapper for “making my childhood dream come true.”  

J. Cole appears later in the video, meeting up with his collaborator on the set of “on the street.” “What’s up, Cole!” J-hope said as the duo shared a few hugs with the South Korean artist barely able to contain his excitement. “It’s a blessing to be here with y’all,” Cole told J-hope via a translator.  

“When I started listening to music, the first artist I listened to was J. Cole,” J-hope revealed elsewhere in the video. “Being able to work with J. Cole after 10 years as a fan, I’m so happy. It’s just all new and I still can’t believe it.” Check out the behind-the-scenes video below and watch “on the street,” at the end of the page.  

Meanwhile, Billboard revealed “on the street” debuted at No. 60 on the Hot 100, J-hope’s highest-ever solo entry. According to the outlet, the single is the second biggest-selling song this week. It comes second only to Nicki Minaj’s new hit, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.”