Ja Rule Fires Back At 50 Cent Fan After Comparing Himself To Drake

Ja Rule

The Queens native brings up 50 Cent’s alleged order of protection against Murder Inc.

Ja Rule recently suggested Hip-Hop artists should stop feuding. However, the “Always on Time” hitmaker continues to take shots at his seemingly eternal adversary 50 Cent.

On Saturday (April 20), Ja Rule shared his opinion on the ongoing beefs involving Drake and over half a dozen other people. Rule claimed he could relate to the OVO head’s “20v1” situation.

“They said @50cent had Ja Rule seeing 20,” one X user tweeted in response to Rule’s statement about Drake. The 48-year-old rapper/entrepreneur fired back.

Ja Rule wrote, “G-Unit literally had an ORDER OF PROTECTION against Murder Inc. Can you imagine if one of the camps in this beef right now put an order of protection on the other?”

Murder Inc. Records founded Irv Gotti accused 50 Cent of filing an order of protection against him and Ja Rule following a fight at the Hit Factory studios in New York City in 2000.

Former G-Unit affiliate Bang ‘Em Smurf confirmed the injunction exists. According to reports, the New York Police Department issued the protection order on behalf of 50 Cent. 

G-Unit versus Murder Inc. became one of the most talked-about Hip-Hop feuds in history. The two factions have battled through music and engaged in physical altercations since the bad blood began in the late 1990s.