Jim Jones Presents His Hottest Hip Hop Podcast List For 2022

Jim Jones

Do you agree with El Capo’s picks?

It’s that time of year when publications, outlets, and fans share their “best-of” reviews from the world of music. Jim Jones took a different approach by focusing on his favorite Hip Hop podcasts from the last twelve months.

This week saw Jim Jones share his “Top Hottest Podcasters For 2022” list on social media. The Dipset emcee explained the selections in a caption posted to Instagram on Tuesday.

“After considerable deliberation and numerous talks [with the] top 10 committee we have finally decided on our top 10 podcasters of 2022,” wrote Jones. “If [you] feel [you] should [have] made the list hold [that] thought till next year.”

Jim Jones placed N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs at #1 on his 2022 rankings. The Top 5 also included Million Dollaz Worth of Game (#2), Earn Your Leisure (#3), and The Joe Budden Podcast (#4). Twitch streamer Kai Cenat came in at #5.

However, Brian “B.Dot” Miller and Elliott Wilson’s long-running Rap Radar podcast did not make the final cut this year. Jim Jones tagged the two journalists in his Instagram post. He also shouted out Don’t Call Me White Girl.

@bdottm [and] @elliottwilson [you] were so close we even did a recount for [you] but [your] numbers weren’t high enough this year lol lol 😂,” stated Jones. “Honorable mention @dontcallmeewhitegirl. She’s is 1 of my favorites and has 1 of my favorite shows it was [tough]. Her show [is] too funny 😂.”

The Lobby Boyz album creator also added, “Some might argue @kaicenat is not a podcaster but he interviews people so, [therefore] he has a component of podcasting [going during] his show. So yeah, and he [is] super poppin to the young generation.”

No Jumper (#6), Caresha Please (#7), Kitchen Talk (#8), Lip Service (#9), and My Expert Opinion (#10) rounded out the rest of Jim Jones’s “Top Hottest Podcasters For 2022” list. In addition, Jones launched his own Mining Diamond podcast in February.

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