Jim Jones Warns “Baby Girl Cover That Lace Front” Presenting The Weather On NYC News

Jim Jones turned a weather report into the “drip report,” bringing Weavahman Jim out to tell New Yorkers to prepare for cold temperatures.

Jim Jones dropped by FOX5’s Good Day New York on Monday morning (Mar. 28) to deliver a hilarious weather report, Weavahman Jim style.  

The Dipset rapper shared a clip on Instagram reporting on the cold conditions across the country. 

“We looking like we in our fifth or sixth winter,” Jim Jones said. “It’s pretty chilly. It’s supposed to be spring, but spring is out of here. New York City, you’re in the dubs. You’re in the 20’s. When you’re in the 20’s, you gotta drop down and get your eagle on. Baby girl cover that lace front up, because it might get a little bit chilly.” 

He continued, “The rest of the country doesn’t get no better for anywhere, Miami’s even in the sixties and you know that’s supposed to be beach weather so what we doing here people? I don’t know who’s in charge, somebody tell me the rules out here.” 

However, things look a little brighter come the weekend. Jim Jones told viewers “spring has sprung,” therefore, it’s time to “bring out your new white Air Force 1s.” 

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Furthermore, Jim Jones wants the weatherman gig full time. “Earlier today on @fox5ny #weavahmanjim doin Wht he does,” he wrote in the caption. “I’m tryin to get a full time job people,” he added. “l if u wanna see th #dripreport go to @revolttv at 5 o’clock on Friday’s and get ur weekend weavah.” 

Jim Jones has gone viral with his Weavahman Jim “drip reports,” which he began during the pandemic. His reports of inclement weather have become a staple in hip-hop culture, perhaps it’s time for Capo to go mainstream.