Jimmy Iovine Responds To Alleged Sexual Abuse, Harassment Claims 

Jimmy Iovine

A woman has filed a summons in New York accusing Jimmy Iovine of sexual assault, harassment and retaliation. 

Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine is facing a lawsuit from a woman alleging he sexually abused her and forcibly touched her. 

Attorneys for a woman identified as Jane Doe filed a summons in New York Wednesday (November 22), per Rolling Stone. She accused Iovine of “multiple instances of sexual abuse and forcible touching of her.” The allegations include “a specific incident of sexual misconduct” that occurred in New York City in August 2007. 

In addition, the plaintiff alleges that she faced sexual harassment and retaliation. The summons offers little additional information, but a lawsuit is reportedly to follow by the end of the year. The woman is seeking an unspecified amount of damages. 

A spokesperson for Jimmy Iovine told Rolling Stone that they were “shocked and baffled” by the abuse allegations. “This inquiry is the first we’ve heard of this matter,” they added. “No one has ever made a claim like this against Jimmy Iovine, nor have we been contacted or made aware of any complaint by anyone, including this unknown plaintiff prior to now.” 

The lawsuit was filed under New York’s Adult Survivors Act. The act allows adult survivors of sexual abuse to file claims against their abusers that would otherwise be barred by the statute of limitations. The one-year window for filing such claims ends Thursday (November 23).   

In the last week, multiple lawsuits naming high-profile figures, including Jamie Foxx, Diddy, Bad Boy Records, and its former President Harve Pierre have been filed.