Joe Budden Doubles Down After Calling Michael B. Jordan Corny: “I Said What I Said” 

Joe Budden Michael B. Jordan

Joe Budden says “get off my d*ck,” after facing criticism for calling Michael B. Jordan “corny” over his recent viral red carpet interaction.

Joe Budden refused to back down despite receiving backlash after calling Michael B Jordan “corny” over the actor’s viral red-carpet exchange with radio show host Lore’l. 

During a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe defended the presenter calling the creed actor “corny.”  

“Dawg, you doing that to a girl is some corny-n#### s###,” Joe Budden declared. “You being Michael B. Jordan, today, allegedly sexiest man alive, all of these blockbuster movies, during your highlight week. You’ve probably never been more visible than you are right this second. And that’s what you do to her? And if I bring back those White girl rumors, then it’s gon’ sound even crazier. Why you talking to our sisters like that on the red carpet when you don’t talk to White b###### like that?”  

After saying he didn’t want to make it about race, Joe Budden addressed the actor directly.  

“Michael B. Jordan, that’s why n##### call you corny. Hey, Creed. In case you was confused, that corny-ass s### you did is why n##### think you corny. In case you were off a little bit.” he added.  

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However, Joe Budden faced backlash over his remarks, with many fans on social media calling him out. While some brought up his previous bashing of Black women, including his rant last year about Vivica A. Fox, others raised his domestic violence allegations. 

Joe Budden Responds To Backlash

Nonetheless, Joe Budden stuck to his guns, responding to the criticism via his Instagram story. 

“If any other Black multi millionaire embarrassed a woman working on a red carpet cuz she thought he was corny in 7th grade y’all would call him a lot more than corny,” he penned. “Also I work for me & im not firing myself. I said what I said, get off my dick. Love, management.” 

He also hopped on Twitter to admit “I talk too much,” and stated he’s “working on talking less‼️‼️” However, just a few hours later he was back responding to the outcry. Check out some of his tweets and the red-carpet interview that sparked the chatter at the end of the page.  

Michael B. Jordan has kept quiet about Joe Budden’s comments, and for good reason. He received a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of fame on Wednesday.  

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