Jon Stewart Comments On Kanye West & Kyrie Irving’s Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

Kanye West

Comedian/activist #JonStewart reacts to the news involving #KanyeWest and #KyrieIrving.

Recording artist Kanye “Ye” West and NBA player Kyrie Irving have both faced significant backlash for sharing perceived anti-semitic propaganda.

Kanye West angered many people by tweeting that he planned to go “death con 3” on the Jewish community. The Donda album creator then went on to double down on the problematic rhetoric. Plus, he reportedly expressed being a fan of German dictator Adolf Hitler in the past.

The Brooklyn Nets recently suspended Kyrie Irving after the 7-time NBA All-Star shared a described anti-semitic film on Twitter and refused to deny being anti-semitic. Irving then posted an apology on Instagram.

Does Ye View The Jewish Community As Imposters?

Numerous public figures reacted to the controversies involving Kanye West and Kyrie Irving. Jon Stewart, formerly of The Daily Show, weighed in on the topic on Apple Music 1’s The Message with Ebro Darden.

“I don’t know them at all – Kyrie and Kanye – but I know enough Black Israelites to know where they’re coming from, and I know what their message is,” said Stewart. “When Kanye says something like, ‘I can’t be anti-semitic because I’m a Jew.’ What he’s saying is, and I think it’s important for people to know this, what he’s saying is he’s the real Jew.”

The comedian continued, “And this has been what has, and pardon the pun, bedeviled the Jewish community for millennia is this idea that they are imposters. And imposters with an agenda… I think ultimately if that’s where you’re coming from, I think you can see how that ideology would be somewhat dangerous and would lead to all measures of dehumanization.”

Jon Stewart Reacts To The “Jews Control The Media” Narrative

In particular, Kanye West has pushed the narrative that a secret Jewish cabal has immense political, financial, and cultural power over the world. Jon Stewart directly addressed that conspiracy theory while speaking with Ebro Darden.

“It’s sort of like when they say, ‘Oh, the Jews control the media.’ Because everybody now, here’s what they say, ‘Kanye and Kyrie – that’s f##### up what they said. But there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood.’ Right, because they were kept out of everywhere else,” stated The Problem with Jon Stewart host.

He added, “But it’s like saying, ‘You know the Irish control law and order. I don’t want to say anything but all the cops, and if you think about it, and they’re all controlling it.’ You’re confusing businesses that have connections through similar interests and similar oppression with devious control and subversion.”