JT Opens Up About Ego-Fueled Clash with Yung Miami: “Now It’s Funny To Us” 

Jt Yung Miami

JT regrets her very public clash with Yung Miami, revealing they were both at fault but ego got in the way. 

JT is opening up about her relationship with her former City Girls groupmate Yung Miami, revealing that they’ve moved on since their public spat went viral earlier this year. 

The City Girls may have parted ways as a group but JT says the pair remain close and can now laugh over what happened. During a recent interview with Keke Palmer, JT explained that she was “hurt” by how things played out.  

“I did not want that to happen,” she confessed. “When you get to the point of ego…it gets there. You forget to express yourself in a private setting, or you forget to talk like adults.” 

She added, “It happened and it was stupid, and it’s done. It’s over with and now it’s funny to both of us. It’s hilarious to both of us. Now, it’s just a funny thing in time to us.” 

While neither JT nor Yung Miami have discussed what led to their falling out, the “Alter Ego” hitmaker admitted they both made mistakes. 

“She should be able to tell her side or how she feel,” JT explained. “Because we both were dead ass wrong. It wasn’t no right person in that situation, and I feel like that’s just something that we should talk about as adults.” 

Yung Miami recently discussed why she and JT parted ways as a group, explaining that the lack of commercial success for their RAW album was a contributing factor.  

“When we get together as a group, it just wasn’t connecting,” Miami told Complex. “It just wasn’t working no more. So I think we both was at a point where we were just like, ‘We probably should just do our own s###.’”

Meanwhile, it appears JT has new music on the horizon, teasing a collab with Jeezy.