Kanye Continues Crusade For Artists, Even Taylor Swift, And Drake

Kanye West vows to free every artist from their contracts…except Drake!

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West’s crusade to free artists from the bondage of their oppressive recording contracts took an interesting turn last night (September 18th).

The rapper’s hands have been working great since he visited a doctor after injuring himself by tweeting too much.

Ye has been blowing up Twitter all week proclaiming himself as the new Moses who will lead artists to the promised land of independence and freedom from the major labels.

In his latest rant, Kanye promised to pressure Scooter Braun, the manager of artists like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, J. Balvin, and others.

In June of 2019, Scooter’s company Ithaca Holdings bought Big Machine Records for $300 million and along with it, the masters to six of Taylor Swift’s#### albums.

The deal was financed by the Carlyle Group, which is a multinational private equity firm with assets north of $13 billion, and set off a feud between Taylor, who wanted to buy her music back, and Scooter, who decided to keep the valuable assets.

And just like Kanye, Taylor may start re-recording five of those albums to upend Scooter’s contested purchase of some of her best-known songs.

Kanye hopes to solve the problems before Taylor re-records her songs, just to have ownership of the music she created.

Surprisingly, Kanye’s benevolence may come with conditions when it comes to his former buddy, Drake. Yeezus threw some shade at Drake in a Tweet that may not go over well, even though he appeared to be joking.

Kanye’s vow to take the biggest labels in the business has already earned him praise from a variety of powerful rappers in the business including Logic, and super-producer Hit-Boy cosigned Kanye’s mission as well.