Kanye West Defeated By Bad Signatures In Illinois

Kanye West’s dream to be president is fading away

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West can forget about ruining Joe Biden’s chance to win Illinois.

Fans of the Chicago rapper will not be able to vote for him in the state, where more than half of the signatures he needed to get on the ballot were tossed.

Last month, Kanye launched a petition to get on the state valid at the last minute.

He ended up getting 3,128 signatures, which was well over the 2,500 he needed to get on the ballot to run for President.

The only problem is, the board of elections reviewed the signatures, and 1,928 of them have been ruled invalid.

The issues with the signatures have tanked Kanye’s hopes of winning his home state of Illinois.

The rapper is also waiting to have his signatures verified by the board of elections in Wisconsin, where he also garnered more than 2,500 signatures needed to be considered.

Earlier this week, it was revealed Kanye could be working with the Republicans, after one of Trump’s former lawyer Lane Ruhland was seen dropping off paperwork on behalf of the rapper, so he could appear on the 2020 ballot in Wisconsin.

And, the rapper caused more controversy during an interview with Forbes after he indicated he was running to siphon votes away from Joe Biden.