Kanye West Drags J. Cole Over Kendrick Lamar Apology: “You Can’t Run Now” 

Kanye West J. Cole

Kanye West dismissed J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar as a “p###y move,” slamming Cole for not backing Drake.  

Kanye West shared his savage reaction to J. Cole apologizing to Kendrick Lamar after dissing the Pulitzer Prize winner on “7 Minute Drill.” 

During an interview on The Download podcast, Ye, who fired at Cole on the remix to Lamar’s Future and Metro Boomin’ hit, “Like That,” dismissed the Dreamville Records founder for walking back his attack on K. Dot. He also called out Cole for not backing his “First Person Shooter” collaborator and tour partner Drake.  

“F### all that p#### s###,” West told host Justin Laboy. “F### all that s###. Because, like that n#### J. Cole went on tour with Drake, he know what it is. Like, n####, you can’t run now. It’s you also.” 

When the host suggested that “it’s up for Cole,” West doubled down. “You can’t say up and Cole in the same sentence,” he added.  

Ye also insisted he’s not a fan of the Fayetteville MC and isn’t interested in his music.  

“I don’t listen to J. Cole,” West stated. “I just heard he had a song called ‘False [Prophets]’ and somebody told me it’s halfway about me.” 

Elsewhere on the podcast, West recalled Future plotting the “elimination of Drake” after recruiting him for the “Like That” remix.  

“Pluto called me,” he explained. “I went to the studio, laid that. And then we went through the creative process, adding the chorus … You know, everybody was very, very excited about the elimination of Drake. Not excited – we was energized.”