Kanye West To Collab With Skid Row Fashion Week For New Line

Kanye West

Yeezy wants to hire the people to make clothes and model the new line.

Freethinker Kanye West is serious about addressing Los Angeles’ crisis with its unsheltered population. While he has presented various food and clothing programs and housing options to members in the city, even developing a community for people to live in, he wants to do restorative work.

Helping them find work and feel good about themselves.

The “All Falls Down” rapper has partnered with Skid Row Fashion Week to do a fashion show for those without homes. The goal of this collab with the streetwear brand is to get people to make clothes and then rock them on a runway.

According to TMZ, Yeezy met David Sabastian, the founder of Skid Row Fashion Week, at the top of the year. The rapper-turned-designer was working on his Donda 2 album in his studio in L.A.’s Arts District.

The L.A. Arts District is very close to Skid Row and once the two started chopping it up, they decided to create this Yeezy X Skid Row Fashion Week clothing collab to help the homeless on Skid Row.

The fashion line created for this experience will drop on Feb. 22.

The money will help the Skid Row Fashion Week factory hire some people from the unsheltered population and train them to make clothes. While they are in the early stages of this project, Sabastian says they are hoping that some of the new hires can model the clothes in the actual show.

The couture will feature stuff that can be found on Skis Row. One idea is a trash bag puffer jacket.