Kehlani Weighs In On Her Ex YG’s Relationship With Saweetie


Kehlani dated YG before she came out as a lesbian.

Kehlani explained why she has no problem with her ex-boyfriend YG dating Saweetie in an interview with Hot 97’s Nessa. The Atlantic Records artist praised the couple in response to being described as a cool ex.

“I’m a lesbian, so why would I care about my male [exes]?” she said. “I also don’t really care what any of my exes doing: male, female, anything. My goal is [for] everybody to be happy. Even when I’m with someone, if we decide that we’re not mutually happy, we really shouldn’t be together and we should go be with people who make us happy. That’s what I want.”

Kehlani revealed she already gave a private stamp of approval to YG’s latest relationship. She had nothing but nice things to say about Saweetie, who worked with the singer on the “ICY GIRL” remix.

“I love Saweetie!” Kehlani said. “I think she’s so cute and so fun. We have a song together. We hang out. She’s cool. And they make so much sense. Knowing them both, I’m like you know what, I really like this. I’ve told [YG] I like it.”

Kehlani dropped her new album CRASH on June 21. Before its release, she claimed her political views affected the project.

“One day I’ll tell you about how because of my political stance I couldn’t get any features,” Kehlani said. “But I guess I’ll save that for an interview. ‘Cause everybody fronted on me. Every single person was like, ‘Yeah,’ and then just ghosted me or was like, ‘Nah.’”

Kehlani staunchly supported Palestinians amid Israel’s war on Gaza. She raised over $555,000 for Palestine, the Congo and Sudan with merch for her “Next 2 U” single.