Saweetie Fights Back Against Accusations She Caused Chicago Festival Stampede 


Saweetie doubled down on her concern for fans at the Vegandale Festival and insisted, “The crowd did look crazy.” 

Saweetie is defending herself against claims she caused a stampede after chaos erupted during her set at the Vegandale Festival in Chicago’s Grant Park on Sunday (June 23). 

The “ICY GIRL” hitmaker took to X (Twitter) to speak out after multiple social media users blamed her for causing the mayhem. 

“This was a serious matter,” she stated. “But yall are too obsessed with creating this negative propaganda toward me.” 

After the festival on Sunday, Saweetie shared her concern for concert-goers’ safety. “Hope everyone got home safe tonight,” she wrote. “That crowd looked crazy.” 

However, the backlash had begun, and some attendees slammed Saweetie and blamed her for creating a stampede.

“This all Saweetie fault,” one person wrote. “Why would you say on the stage in Chicago ‘I know yall not doing what I think yall doing.’ Mfs assumed shooting and it was a stampede.” 

“Talking about the crowd looked crazy lol it was a FESTIVAL!” another person added. “Straight [clown] don’t bring your ass back to Chicago, you’ve done enough…it was babies out there getting trampled on for NOTHING.” 

Saweetie replied, insisting she stayed at the festival, despite the chaos and returned after it subsided to finish her set.  

“well… the crowd did look crazy which is why i hope everyone got home safe,” she replied. “Also, I could’ve went home after the fight broke out but i STAYED, waited & after 2 chains performed I went BACK ON STAGE to finish my set bc I CARE… u clearly don’t like me so why you stay for the rest.”