Kendrick Lamar Wants To Be Mentioned With Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix & The Beatles


(AllHipHop News) While many rap fans like to compare Kendrick Lamar to other Hip Hop artists like Drake and J. Cole, the TDE rapper is looking to be mentioned alongside established music icons.

His To Pimp A Butterfly album is already being called an instant classic, but K. Dot hopes the project will stand the test of time like musical masterpieces Blonde on Blonde, The White Album, and Are You Experienced.

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“I wanted this record to be talked about the same way Bob Dylan or The Beatles or Jimi Hendrix are talked about,” Lamar told NME. “When my time has come, I want it to live longer than me, for the grandkids and their kids.”

The “Alright” rhymer was also asked about his controversial comments concerning the response to the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. At the time, Kendrick suggested Black people need to respect themselves before anyone else will respect them.

Kendrick was accused of ignoring the role systemic racism plays in police brutality and racial injustice. He was heavily criticized for his remarks, but the Compton bred emcee refuses to apologize for what he said.

“I don’t care. My life is already written. Everything I’m doing is a rerun of what God already played out for me – I don’t do no apologies,” Kendrick stated. “Everything I said, I meant – period. Those who get it, they understand. Those are the people that need it. If you don’t, then obviously you’re not going through that, so you don’t really care.”

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Watch Kendrick Lamar’s video for “Alright” below.