Kim Kardashian Seeks Restraining Order Against Lunatic Stalking Her And Kanye’s Kids

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A man named David Resendiz allegedly sent dozens of letters threatening to kill Kim Kardashian and her children.

Kim Kardashian is asking the court to help protect her family.

According to multiple reports, Kim Kardashian filed for a restraining order against a man who’s allegedly threatened to kill her and her family. The reality star claims David Resendiz sent dozens of letters threatening her and her children.

Kim Kardashian said she never met David Resendiz, but he somehow obtained her home and business addresses. He allegedly sent a variety of death threats, including a bomb threat delivered to one of her offices.

David Resendiz allegedly sent over 80 letters to Kim Kardashian. She accuses him of making “disturbing sexual references” about her in the messages.

The threats reportedly made no mention of her boyfriend Pete Davidson. The billionaire began dating the Saturday Night Live star after filing to divorce Kanye West. A judge terminated the former couple’s marital status earlier this year.

Kim Kardashian’s security team turned over the menacing letters to the police. Her lawyer Shawn Holley sought a restraining order in an attempt to stop the harassment.

David Resendiz must stay 100 yards away from the Kardashian family if a judge grants the restraining order. He also won’t be allowed to contact them in any way.